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In addition to the NARENnews, our free email newsletter, the National At-Risk Education Network also publishes it’s official e-journal, Silhouettes. For only $20 per year for 4 issues, delivered directly to your email box every quarter, it features your colleagues’ experiences, at-risk education experts sound advice, and insights and empowering information that will support you in the work you love so much: championing at-risk youth. (Note: NAREN Associates will receive Silhouettes as part of their subscription price!)  You are invited to submit articles for consideration in the next issue of Silhouettes: write to the Editor-in-Chief, Cheryl Giantsios, at  Each quarter a copy of Silhouettes will be emailed to you. Subscribe by placing the number of people in the box below. Cost is $20 (for 4 issues annually) per person. Then email us at with all names and email addresses of subscribers.  Let us know if you have questions!

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